February 5, 2023

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Elon Musk spent 172 thousand dollars on plastic surgery and hair transplant: before and after photos

The plastic surgeon claims that Musk likely spent thousands of dollars on procedures including a facelift, fillers and 4 hair transplants.

“I think he took care of his hair, eyes and skin hanging down his neck,” says US plastic surgeon Richard Westreich (Dr. Richard Westreich) in an interview with the Sun. The specialist believes that the transformation of the billionaire businessman into the one we see now was completed ahead of his purchase of Twitter in October. In an exclusive interview with Sun Dr. Richard Westreich said: “I think Elon did a haircut, eyelid surgery and tightened loose skin on his neck. Earlier this year, he looked weird, you might have noticed swelling after a neck lift.”

A possible neck lift could have cost around $60,000, according to the plastic surgeon. And fillers (to remove “bags under the eyes”) – about $ 10,000. “In addition, the shape of Elon’s hairline has apparently changed at least four times over the years, which probably cost him about $40,000,” the doctor noted.

Rumors about the altered appearance of the owner of Twitter have been around for years, and in mainly concerned his hair and jaw surgery, but Elon Musk did not confirm or deny them. And given that the fortune of the 51-year-old businessman is estimated at about $ 164 billion, spending money on plastic surgery or a series of hair transplants would be just a drop in the ocean.

The neck lift he may have had is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the neck, resulting in a smoother and thinner profile. It can be performed alone or in combination with fillers and even an eyelid lift. “This usually involves an incision under the chin and then another incision around the ear and sometimes in front of the hairline,” explains Westreich, who specializes in facial plastic surgery. He continues: “Elon seemed to put on a lot of weight around 2015 and then started losing it. Unfortunately, the result is loose skin. It makes sense after losing weight to do a facelift. At the same time, the chin line began to look clearer.

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