February 8, 2023

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ΔΥΠΑ digital card: special privileges for the unemployed

The unemployed will receive special privileges if they register in the ΔΥΠΑ digital registry.

Registration in the register is carried out at the request of an unemployed person looking for a job. The ΔΥΠΑ Digital Card connects to and extracts information from the ΔΥΠΑ Digital Registry to confirm that its holder is registered in the above registry or is eligible for benefits, benefits and assistance from the Public Employment Service.

In addition, a digital unemployed card can be issued to those who are registered in individual ΔΥΠΑ registries, if the legal conditions are met.

The ΔΥΠΑ digital card may be provided as a digital application or part of an existing digital application on mobile phones or a card containing a processor to validate its validity, or in any other convenient way.

If during the ΔΥΠΑ check it is determined that the conditions for registering an applicant in the ΔΥΠΑ digital registry are not met, sanctions and fines will follow. The job seeker is deleted from the ΔΥΠΑ digital register and his digital card is annulled, moreover from the date of his registration, as a result of which all issued administrative acts are also annulled, for example:

  • unemployment certificates (βεβαιώσεις ανεργίας),
  • statement of an active employment policy

In addition, ΔΥΠΑ requires that any benefits paid to the claimant must be declared as “wrongly paid”.

The ΔΥΠΑ digital card, taking into account the dynamics of the interface with the ΔΥΠΑ digital register, as well as with separate other registries, records any changes that occur with the digital profile of an individual job seeker, as well as all the benefits, allowances, assistance and funds that the unemployed person receives from ΔΥΠΑ.

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