February 3, 2023

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The star of erotic films spoke about her fees

Sugar Babes star Christy White, who has worked in the sex industry for the past two years after she was kicked out of GNTM, shared her revelations on FrediGtv, revealing some previously unknown details.

This one was more typical, regarding the fees that porn actors receive in Greece: “A man gets 300 euros for shooting, and a woman gets 500. Of course, this can vary depending on what you are doing,” said pornostar. And when it was pointed out to her that most Greeks had the impression that fees were in the 4-figure range, she categorically answered no.

Among other things, the adult film actress said that everyone is required to be tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) every 14 days. In addition, the girl said that she came into the sex industry because she was jealous of her partner, who at the time of their acquaintance was already a porn actor.

Recall that the most “adult” and, of course, the famous porn actor of Greek spicy cinema Kostas Gusgounis dies at 91 from a heart attack. It is noted that in At the age of 89, he suffered a coronavirusbut, despite this, continued to be “on top”.

in Greece regularly conduct a casting, inviting citizens to try themselves as an actor in the porn industry. Read about how it goes in the article “Athenian News”.

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