February 8, 2023

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Online shopping from abroad is very popular with Greeks

According to the study, 87% of Greek consumers make purchases in international online stores, while ahead of all other European countries – the highest percentage in EU.

In second place were the Irish who make online purchases abroad (83%), and in third – the Israelis (79%). This is evidenced by the results of the recent PayPal eCommerce Index 2022 study.

What is the reason for such a commitment of the Greeks to shopping in international online stores? They are attracted by better prices (56%) and access to a wider range of products to their liking (42%). Another 35% of Greek consumers explain that they can discover interesting new products this way.

The domestic retail business is encouraged and satisfied with the growing popularity of online shopping abroad. After all, about 5 out of 6 sell their products abroad, says CNN Greece. Most likely, they will receive significant profits from such activities. According to a PayPal study, in 2022 already 28% of their total turnover comes from online orders from foreign countries.

However, there are still obstacles preventing or hindering the development of this promising market share. According to PayPal experts, a key obstacle to be addressed is the security factor associated with the lack of consumer confidence in certain foreign markets.

The survey found that at least 41% of Europeans now feel more secure when shopping in international stores where PayPal is available. This confidence is shared by more than half of consumers: 57% of Greeks, 51% of Irish and 43% of Spaniards.

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