February 8, 2023

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Inspectors "ransacked" festive market – more than 5 tons of suspicious meat seized

The competent control services of the Attica region seized more than five tons of meat during sanitary checks at the festive market.

From December 11 to December 22, a total of 1,024 checks were carried out at retail stores, street markets, plants and shops producing plant and animal products, and 42 checks at slaughterhouses, according to authorities. As a result, a large amount of meat products with a total weight of 5,677 kg was seized, with 90 recommendations for compliance issued.

At the same time, during the relevant inspections carried out by the competent departments of sanitary supervision and environmental health during the same period, 1566 enterprises were inspected, 754 were given recommendations for compliance, and 15 violations were identified for which fines were imposed.

In addition, 1249 enterprises were inspected by the competent services for compliance with measures against Covid-19 and 68 recommendations were made, and 70 recommendations were made on compliance with the provisions of the law on inspections of the implementation of anti-tobacco legislation (the number of inspections was 1207).

It should be noted that the regional governor of Attica G. Patulis turned to the relevant services with a request tighten market controls during the holidays to protect consumers and traders from violations of the institutional framework, and disposal of products hazardous to human health.

“Our mission is to ensure the orderly functioning of the trade market, compliance with the legal framework and the protection of public health. I thank the services of the Attica region, which regularly carry out the necessary checks. We will not allow anyone to endanger the public health and lives of citizens. We do not act punitively on anyone, but we inform everyone that serious fines will be imposed if the provisions of the law are not observed,” said Mr. Patulis.

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