February 5, 2023

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Armies of Serbia and Kosovo in combat readiness

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ordered the army to be put on full alert, the Kosovo authorities made a similar decision.

Edition “Diary” quotes Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic:

“The President of Serbia, as Commander-in-Chief, tonight (December 26) ordered that the Serbian Armed Forces be brought to the highest level of combat readiness, that is, readiness for the level of use of armed force.”

At the same time, Vucevic stated the reason for such a decision: this is allegedly the preparation of the Kosovo authorities for an attack on the barricades of the Serbs in the north:

“This takes us to the highest level of action carried out by the Serbian army, protecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia, and protecting all citizens of Serbia, as well as preventing pogroms and terror against Serbs, wherever they live. Given that Serbian calls to solve problems in a dialogue format, to return to political dialogue and not to conflicts, remain unanswered, with these neutral and annoying calls for restraint on both sides and fighting the effect, not the causes, and taking into account the data intelligence that Serbia has at its disposal.”

Vučević emphasized that only Serbia is interested in negotiations and political agreements, and that “it meets a thousand times until an agreement and a solution is found.” He called on all citizens of Serbia to remain calm and collected, not to be swayed by fake news and malicious comments, and emphasized the need to show dignity, national solidarity and political maturity as citizens and a nation.

Edition “Evening News” reported that, for its part, Kosovo also brought the army to maximum combat readiness. The authorities of Pristina put the so-called. Kosovo security forces are on full alert and ready to launch a 1,500-strong offensive into northern Kosovo and Metohija, News has unofficially learned. From circles close to KFOR, it has come to light that Pristina has ordered members of the security forces to be in the barracks or within range of mobile phones tonight (yesterday, 26 December) and be ready to move at night. This order applies to units from Pristina, Pei and Prizren.

Conflict between Serbia and Kosovo escalated in July of this year, when Pristina decided to introduce temporary documents for incoming Serbian citizens and demanded that the Serbian minority change their old Serbian license plates to local ones. In protest, Kosovo Serbs erected barricades, after which the authorities in Pristina postponed the introduction of new rules.

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