February 8, 2023

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Ahead – the hottest New Year

Meteorologists predict the warmest New Year in the history of Europe: it will not be like the previous ones, and winter will wait a little more with the arrival.

Instead of frost and snow, New Year’s Eve 2023 promises spring weather and abnormal temperatures, forecasters Sakis Arnautoglu and Clearchos Marousakis say.

Renowned meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu reports that in Greece and many other European countries, the coming New Year will be the warmest in history:

“This year’s New Year is likely to be the warmest start to a new year in recent European history! According to the latest data from the ECMWF European Model, as well as other global forecasting models, a new warm incursion is expected in all countries of Europe in the coming days, which will gradually destroy any remaining snow cover. For most of the countries of the old continent, this will probably be the warmest start to the new year in its entire recent history! The change in the situation and the “harmonization” of the weather with the calendar promise some long-term data throughout Europe, including our country, for the period after January 11-13.”

Meteorologist Clearchos Marousakis also claims that warm days for the season will continue:

“This year, due to high temperatures for the season, we celebrated Christmas in our country, when the weather was more like Easter. It is worth noting that in most areas the temperature was much higher than the norm for the season, while the mercury column” broke through “20 degrees in the west , in the center and in the south If we add to this whole scene that we are going through the days when the nights are at their maximum in terms of their length, and also that these temperatures were recorded without the influence of any local phenomena, such as descending winds, etc., I think we have understood the dynamics of the warm air mass in relation to the southernmost parts of Italy and the central Mediterranean, where the main volume is concentrated.And if we think we have “unraveled” the weather, then we are probably mistaken, so as we expect a new increase in temperature by Tuesday, in the east and south the temperature will exceed 20 ° C. Temperatures close to 21 ° C-23 ° C are quite possible in the east of the mainland, in Crete and the Dodecanese.

The meteorologist notes that as the New Year approaches, the mercury column will begin to fall, indicating that we will approach more normal values ​​for the season. But the fall will not last long, another “attack” of warm air masses on our country is expected.

Today, Tuesday 27 December, expected sunny weather with a little cloudiness, limited visibility in places in the central and northern regions and local frosts in the north of the continent. Wind light to moderate the temperature will rise slightly from the maximum values. In Attica, the air temperature will fluctuate from 8 to 17°С, the wind will be weak and of variable direction. In Thessaloniki, the air will warm up to 7-15°C.

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