February 8, 2023

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A mink was found in the Kifissos River: how did it get there

The journalists of the Greek edition of Eurokinissi, with great surprise, captured a mink, freely walking along the bed of Kifissos, bathing and basking in the sun, since the weather allows.

How the animal ended up in the vicinity of the river is still unknown. However, experts are looking into whether the white mink is part of a larger population.

This is the first time that a snow-white beauty was noticed in the urban areas of Athens and it is assumed that her appearance is explained quite simply: the annoying little animal was simply “thrown out into the street.”

Another option is less realistic, although it can also be considered. During the coronavirus pandemic, on fur farms (located far from Athens), the animals were “released into the wild” instead of being “disposed of”. The world media then wrote that minks may be carriers of a newfangled infection. And now the animals are free furs spread in the vicinity of enterprisessomehow made it to Athens.

The mink is a predatory mammal, an excellent swimmer, diving with great skill to a depth of 5 m. In winter, it swims even in icy waters, thanks to its excellent protection – thick fur. It is noted that minks have been significantly affected, becoming one of the “victims” of the coronavirus pandemic, as millions of animals were slaughtered in enterprises (fur factories) as part of countries’ efforts to stop the transmission of COVID19.

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