February 8, 2023

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Weather forecast: 2023 will be even hotter

The Met Office, the United Kingdom’s National Weather Service, warns in its Global New Year’s Eve forecast that next year will be one of the hottest on record.

As informs rus.err.ee, the average global temperature in 2023 will be 1.08-1.32°C, which is on average 1.20°C higher than before the industrial revolution of 1850-1900. The report notes that this is the tenth year in a row that temperatures have been at least 1°C above pre-industrial levels.

Head of training forecast For the coming year, Nick Dunston explains that temperatures over the past three years have been affected by the prolonged La Niña phenomenon, when surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific are cooler than normal. The phenomenon has a temporary cooling effect on the average global temperature.

But the climate model, however, is not comforting. She shows that next year the influence of La Niña will end, the water in the tropical Pacific will become warmer again, and this will affect the whole world. Dunston says, quoted by the publication:

“This shift is likely to cause global temperatures to be higher in 2023 than in 2022.”

As British Meteorological Service Leading Expert Doug Smith notes:

“The fact that global average temperatures are at or just above 1°C for a decade masks significant temperature fluctuations around the world.”

The hottest year in history so far is 2016, when the El Niño phenomenon formed in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists noted that 2023 is unlikely to break his record, but, with a high degree of probability, will take a place in the top five or ten hottest.

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