February 5, 2023

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An explosion on a ship in the Black Sea, the captain of the ship is missing

Off the northern coast of Turkey, an explosion occurred on board the Maltese cargo ship Beata.

The ship sailed under the Panamanian flag to Trabzon to be loaded with coal, among the crew members were 14 Egyptian citizens, Georgians, an Albanian and a Ukrainian. The missing captain was also an Egyptian. The ship exploded 7 miles from Bozburun, in the province of Sinop on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. After the explosion, a large fire broke out on the Beata, but the surviving crew members were able to call the rescue service.

All 16 victims were hospitalized in the hospitals of Bursa, Samsun and Ankara. Rescue services are searching for the missing captain of the ship. The names of the Egyptians are known, but the data of other sailors are not disclosed. Captain from Upper Egypt, born in 1984. He has 61 successful flights on his track record.

As shown by the preliminary investigation, the cause of the explosion was a gas leak, it occurred above the waterline.

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