February 8, 2023

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Thessaloniki: children sang carols, but the money they earned was brazenly taken away from them

Gypsies robbed children who went out to sing carols in one of the districts of Thessaloniki. The police are looking for criminals.

Three children were victims of criminals in the eastern district of Thessaloniki, Toumba, on 24 December. Having earned some money, they did not have time to rejoice at it, as they were robbed. All their simple “revenue” was taken by unknown persons of gypsy nationality.

By message thestival.gr, at about 12:00 on Saturday, on Christmas Eve, four young gypsies approached children on Mikras Asias Street in Toumba and threatened them with a small amount of money received from carols.

Law enforcement officers are conducting an investigation in order to identify and detain those responsible for such an unceremonious crime. Search operations are being carried out in a wider area, reports newsbeast.gr.

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