February 3, 2023

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The most expensive steak in the world: a chop for 3000 euros

If you go to this butcher shop, you will most likely find aged ribs and steaks that are no more than … two months old. Unfortunately, these are not the oldest of them, since the butcher in France became famous for selling meat in a state of “lithargy”.

Alexandre Polmare, using the method invented by his father and grandfather, blows air over his cut steaks and then puts them in the refrigerator, where the temperature is -42.7°C. Steaks are stored there for 15 years! According to chef Fabrice Wulin, former manager of Caprice in Hong Kong (one of the few restaurants where Polmare will sell his prized vintage steaks), the result is a chop that hardly needs to be cut with a knife.

CNN interviewed Polmare on his farm, where cattle graze freely. “Here [коровы] are grazing in the countryside (free grazing). Sheds have been built for them, in which they can hide from rain or snow. It’s like… five-star hotels,” said the farmer.

But that’s the way it is! The price of steaks from such meat is a good example. In an interview given by Polmare, he mentioned that a steak stored in a freezer since 2000 costs 3,100 euros.

According to the information the waiting list for such a steak is several months.

For those who are put off by the idea of ​​eating a 15-year-old steak, Polmare has a lot of simpler meats – “aged” from 28 to 56 days.

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