February 3, 2023

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Missing Olympus climber found unconscious

A climber who was considered missing was found unconscious by his friend in the gorge of Mount Olympus.

According to information received by the Greek Mountain Rescue Team (ΕΟΔ ) from Thessaloniki, the two climbers were at the Lukio base in Mitikas at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level. One of them continued on his way up, and the other said that he would be waiting for him at the same place to return. However, when the first of them returned from the summit, he did not find his friend and, after searching for him in the vicinity and in the Apostolidis shelter, filed a missing signal.

The competent services were immediately mobilized while the climber, with instructions from the rescuers of Thessaloniki, began searching at the exact point where the accident had occurred. After a long descent through difficult terrain with icy snow, he managed to find his friend unconscious and alerted the authorities.

The message from the Greek rescue team of Thessaloniki says: “At 13.40, the rescuers received an emergency radio call from a climber who reported that his friend had disappeared at the Zonaria level at the base of Loukios Mitikas. We immediately notified ΕΟΔ, and the climber began searching for his friend. During During the search, he first noticed his pylon, and then a friend, but there was no way to approach him, since the place is very steep.”

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