February 2, 2023

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Key defendant in 15-year-old rape case fled to Albania

In the case of the rape of a 15-year-old teenager by eight of his peers in Ilion, new details have appeared: one of the main accused fled to his homeland, to Albania…

Eighth teenager who is said to be a “key” person in business, according to what the victim told police authorities, fled to Albania, where he is from, after the case went public. According to ERT, a wanted minor is allegedly the “initiator” of the torture of a teenager in Ilion. The authorities have not yet been able to locate him, although the possibility that he fled abroad, in particular to Albania, where he could find safe haven, cannot be ruled out.

In a case that has shocked the nation, three of the four defendants are sentenced to temporary imprisonment, and one is released under restrictive conditions because he was under 15 within a few days. At the same time, it is expected that on Tuesday two other minors plead guilty, and two more are wanted.

The investigations don’t end there. As it became known today, according to new information released, six more arrest warrants are pending, two of which concern 15-year-old boys, and the remaining four concern underage girls 14 and 15 years old.

15-year-old Albanian is a key defendant in the case of rape of a teenager

It is worth noting that the two teenagers whose arrest warrants were issued were not identified until recently during the investigation by the authorities. According to ERT, one of them appeared at the police station, but was not arrested, as the interrogation procedure ended, and the identity of the second has not yet been established, and there are fears that he may hide abroad. In fact, the second is a “key person” in the case, according to what the victim told the police.

They did not go to the same school, but studied in the same class at an educational institution. Presumably it was this minor who had the idea of ​​what followed. The victim even pointed to him as the person who sent the video taken during the alleged activities to the mobile phones of other students.

As mentioned above, four of the six orders received concern girls, three at 15 years of age and the fourth at 14 years of age. Presumably, teenage girls were in front of sexual acts without any involvement of a 15-year-old.

The case was solved when one of the schoolgirls found out about the torture against a teenager and told her parents about it, who, in turn, informed the mother of the victim. The minor was sexually assaulted 6-7 times, as he says in his testimony, and all four schoolgirls appeared in the abandoned house, who were not involved in the criminal actions of eight teenagers, but are accused of participating in a gang.

The perpetrators offered the schoolgirl to do with her the same way they did with the boy, without eventually proceeding to rape. “Do you want some?” they allegedly told her.

How did you find out about the violence against a teenager

The schoolboy found the courage to tell his parents about the rapes he suffered at the hands of his peers, after which they sent the video to their classmates. This was followed by a complaint, identification and arrest of members of the underage gang accused of committing rape. The police officers were shocked when they heard the first words of the children.

Everything we did, we saw on the Internet, it was just for fun, nothing serious”the boys said. The abuse of the child by his peers allegedly continued in the abandoned house for a month.

See photos of the house – a hell hole where a 15-year-old teenager was raped

The house where the crime took place is located 2 km from the school where the victim studied. There, eight people sexually assaulted him and recorded the torture on video. During searches in the homes of the arrested, a small amount of hashish, accurate scales, 7 mobile phones and other evidence were found.

Video where they “sleep”

Police authorities talk about the special cruelty of teenagers. The Athens police, who handled the case and conducted the investigation, characterize the group of perpetrators as a “gang” because they acted in conspiracy to commit these horrific acts.

After the rape, the perpetrators hurled insults at their classmate, and materials called “child pornography” by the police were found in their mobile phones. Police authorities say at least two rapes last month were recorded on mobile phones.

After all this, the teenager withdrew into himself and hardly left his room. The parents couldn’t figure out what was going on until the other child’s parents came and told them exactly what had happened.

Their sons’ phone had a horrifying video of what the minors had done to the boy. The parents went to the police, and their homes were searched, during which, among other things, mobile phones were confiscated.

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