January 27, 2023

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"cyclone bomb": US snow apocalypse, 27 dead (video)

Snowstorms and frosts hit the United States, taking the lives of 27 people so far.

Meteorologists speak of a “cyclone bomb”, with arctic winds and frosts down to -45°C. Because of the terrible weather, people freeze on the street and die in accidents that occur due to drifts and traffic jams. The elements were especially rampant in the center and northeast of America.

One and a half million people were left without electricity. Flights are massively canceled and trains are delayed, many roads are blocked. Forecasters predict that in the coming days it is not necessary to expect improvement in the weather – the storm will only intensify.

American media they write that due to a strong snowstorm, many residents cannot leave their homes, snowfalls blocked the exit from buildings.

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