February 3, 2023

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Fatal excursion: bus "blew the roof off"

Fatal trip: A bus carrying 47 passengers crashed into a height limit sign in Bucharest. As a result of the collision, a 53-year-old man from Larisa died, 16 people are in the hospital.

The minutes before the victims were rescued from the crippled tour bus were captured on breathtaking video.

In particular, the footage shows how one of the passengers cannot breathe, and someone shouts “save me!”, which is proof that absolute panic reigned in the bus.

The owner of the travel agency that organized fateful excursion to Romaniawere asked to answer the question why on such a long journey there were no two drivers who could replace each other at the wheel.

The owner of the travel agency claims that the reason for the absence of two drivers was an extraordinary case. At the same time, however, he noted that the bus traveled from Volos to Thessaloniki with one driver, and from there to Bucharest with another.

“The route,” he explained, “usually was planned with two drivers, because it lasts 16 hours. The second driver, an hour before the departure of the flight, due to gastroenteritis, said that he was sick and could not go to work. He was replaced by another driver who took the bus to Thessaloniki. The driver who went to Bucharest got behind the wheel in Thessaloniki. I talked to the passengers (customers of our travel agency who got into an accident) they say that he drove very carefully all the way … So speed is definitely not to blame for the incident. We are also waiting for the report of experts who should identify the cause of the tragedy in order to have a more complete picture.”

Most of the passengers on the “fatal flight” are expected to return by Monday, according to the agency’s owner.

“By Monday, almost everyone will be back. We are waiting for developments, that is, news about the state of health of two seriously wounded. I heard the good news that the woman who was intubated is now breathing on her own. We wish the injured a speedy recovery and a speedy return to their families,” he said.

Who was the unfortunate 53-year-old man for whom the trip turned out to be fatal

Friends and colleagues called the flight “fatal”. Following the road, the bus crashed into a metal beam – a height limiter installed in the center of Bucharest before entering the underground overpass.

The professional driver, despite being described as “experienced”, apparently misjudged the height or missed the warning signs. This is a really dangerous moment on the road, which we all pay attention to when we go there,” his colleague from Volos told TheNewspaper.gr.

It should be noted that after checking the driver, neither alcohol nor drugs were found in his blood.

Nikolaos Chlopsios died on the spot when the bus’s roof caught on a metal beam, the height limiter and the bus was literally blown off the roof.

Today, the sister of the deceased tourist came out with a sharp criticism of the authorities, saying that “no one informed her about what had happened, and that her brother died.”

The testimonies of Greek tourists who got into an accident are shocking.

Christmas trip to Romania turned into a nightmare. “We heard a strong screeching noise and immediately everything started to crumble and fall on us,” Konstantinos Kountouriotis, a passenger on the bus, said of the moment of the accident.

“I felt something heavy fall on me and press me to the seat … I started screaming that “I can’t breathe” …. An ambulance quickly arrived. Citizens gave us tissues so that we could wipe the blood off our heads,” another victim says.

A few hours after the car accident, the passengers of the “fatal flight” gave an interview to the journalists of the MEGA channel: “There were screams, screams and screams. It was a real nightmare! The man sitting next to me was hit hard on the head, he lost a lot of blood.”

Cristina Pravia, also a passenger, says: “I wonder how we survived at all, escaping with only fright and scratches.”

According to passengers, the guide told the driver to take a different route, but he followed the GPS directions.

“The last thing I saw was that we turned onto a wide road. Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, I was “trapped”, fortunately my airway was not blocked. The one who was crushed was sitting two places in front of me … “.

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