January 27, 2023

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€22,000 fine for fare waivers

In recent years of the financial crisis, the phenomenon of non-payment of tolls by a significant part of drivers began to appear. It was the no-fee movement that encouraged drivers at the time and urged them not to pay, a tactic followed by thousands.

The solution was simple: they get out of the car, raise barriers and will pass no problem. At least that’s what most people thought. people at first.

Now those who believed then the political populism of the “I Don’t Cry” movement are being paid huge fines…

For example, archaeologist Giorgos T., who today is trying to sue the decision to collect a fine, which for three years passed through the stations.
After hundreds of “I don’t pay”, 427 euros were credited to him for each violation, and fines and surcharges were increased amount up to 21,787 euros.

At the time, he appeared on the Giorgos Papadakis show on ANT1, saying, “It was an act of social defiance that I felt I had to do consciously, and it gave me a sense of freedom when I turned in the tolls…”.

It is interesting that among the malicious non-payers who are members of the “Don’t cry” (Δεν Πληρωνω) movement, there are not only those who really cannot afford “extra expenses”, but also principled citizens, such as, for example, one of the activists of the movement (Δεν Πληρωνω), prominent lawyer and former Speaker of the Greek Parliament Zoe Constantopoulou,

It is noteworthy that the SYRIZA party, which came to power not without the help of many thousands of votes of the participants in the “Don’t Cry” movement, “leaked” everyone, literally the next day after the elections, despite promises to resolve the issue with illegal, according to them, toll points for roads.

Everything is being recorded
Some abandoned this tactic and followed a new one. Most often this is due to the opening of the barrier at the toll booth (for example, using an electronic pass), where two vehicles can pass if one is close behind the other. Motorcyclists also follow this tactic, but it comes with risks, as there is a chance of being hit by a barrier that closes quite quickly.

The vast majority believe that by following this tactic, they will save money and have no problems. The truth, however, is different, since this particular violation is confirmed by a fine of 100 euros and deprivation of rights and driving licenses for 20 days.

It should be noted that the identification process is a simple task for road management companies, since the passage of vehicles is recorded both when entering and leaving the respective toll plaza.

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