January 27, 2023

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Chaos on Twitter from congratulations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: They are afraid to utter a word "Christmas"

Following the narratives received from the “Big Brother”, the Greek Foreign Ministry decided not to mention the word “Christmas” in its congratulations on the religious holiday of Christmas. This caused a flurry of criticism on Twitter.

In its message, the Greek Foreign Ministry “forgot” to write the word Christmas and not by chance, of course. Instead, he speaks in general and vague terms about “happy and safe (!) holidays” and a happy new year.

It is not known exactly what “holidays” he is talking about, unless he is referring to Christmas, which he defiantly ignores. About the birth of Jesus Christ, of course, not a word.

The only thing missing here is the foreign minister’s favorite phrase: “International law.” Maybe they should add that too. “Happy and safe holidays under international law.” But let’s not give ideas for next year.

However, the above should not be taken lightly or derisively. On the contrary, this is a very serious symptom of super-tolerant trends imposed from overseas, which are actively introduced into Greek society by neo-liberals from the Democratic Party.

Such seemingly “innocent” phenomena will increase exponentially in the future as we find ourselves in new situations that we all feared, but, unfortunately, turn into reality.

Using the Overton Window method, they lower the bar of our perception to a level that a few years ago seemed incredible and shameful. From the beginning there was parent 1 and parent 2, then the legalization of gay marriages, and now the mention of Christ has become intolerant. What’s next?

Sorry guys, we are an Orthodox nation, we celebrate Christmas. I’m ashamed that you posted this.

However, the Greek people wish you, gentlemen, a Merry Christmas, which you deliberately do not wish to express. Otherwise, happy holidays and “successful” elections.

Merry Christmas to Greeks all over the world – we understand well what you are talking about and you have nothing to do with the silent majority who hate you as much as possible – for many years.

Even the most “stoned” multinational company would not send such wishes, clowns! Christmas is celebrated and people wish you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas (we say) and Happy New Year… And finally apply international law Mr. Dendias… doesn’t work for us….. it extends to 12 miles anyway…. Otherwise you serve the Turks and not us Greeks.

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