February 5, 2023

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A resident of the US state of Massachusetts won 6 lottery tickets at once

All the lottery tickets bought by the American turned out to be winning ones, and their lucky owner ensured a comfortable old age.

The lucky winner was Raymond Roberts, a resident of Fall River, Massachusetts, USA, who purchased six lottery tickets. His winnings, in total, amounted to $ 2.5 million, writes the BBC.

The Vietnam War veteran played the lottery aggressively for 20 years without success. He picked up digital combinations, taking into account birthdays and anniversaries, but only now they “worked” – his intuition did not fail him. In December 2022, at a store that sells alcohol, he bought six lottery tickets at once and received a fortune.

For 5 tickets, he will receive almost $2 million, and for the sixth, for 20 years, he will receive $25,000 annually. The man has already decided that in the first place he will buy a motorcycle.

air force notesthat almost all residents of Massachusetts are very active lottery participants. On a per capita basis, they spend more on lottery tickets and instant erase tickets than in any other US state.

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