February 5, 2023

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A hair’s breadth from death: a woman almost died after choking on souvlaki

The MEGA channel published a video showing a desperate attempt by the visitors of a tavern in Kozani to save the life of a visitor choking on food.

Everything happened in a matter of seconds. A 48-year-old woman sits on a chair and eats souvlaki. Suddenly she has a “seizure” and the lady falls to the floor, panting.

People around immediately rushed to her aid. Someone hurried to call an ambulance, and the tavern owner tried his best to help her.

“We saw the woman choking on her food and suffocating. We tried to lift her up to knock on her back (as is done in such cases), in order to free the esophagus and windpipe,” says restaurant owner Panagiotis Seikhsoglu. At that moment, a policeman entered the diner. Immediately, without wasting a second, he lifted the lady and made a special grip: he crossed his arms over the victim’s stomach. And, lo and behold, the woman, having torn out of herself an unchewed piece of meat, came to her senses.

A little later, she sat down at the table with everyone else, thanked them heartily for their help, and asked for a glass of water. Fortunately for her, the woman was lucky, because there was a person nearby who could really help her and saved her life.

But a 30-year-old woman from the city, who got into a similar situation last week, was not lucky. The girl, despite the efforts of others, suffocated. Arriving ambulance quickly took her to the hospital, but the victim’s heart stopped and the doctors pronounced her dead.

As traffic police officer Thomas Dedes said, describing the incident of rescuing a 48-year-old woman in a tavern, he mastered the Heimlich method only 10 days ago.

“A little over a week ago, a seminar was organized at the Kozani police station, where EKAB came and taught us first aid courses. Faced with such a situation in the tavern, I tried to do everything as we were taught. It was very important for me to save this lady, ”the hero modestly noted.

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