February 3, 2023

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USA: the winter storm that’s coming "once a generation"

In the United States, unprecedented snowfalls and frost – the country is undergoing a severe test of cold. Roads are covered with a thick layer of snow, and infrastructure facilities are out of order.

Meteorologists saythat such a storm hits the country about once a generation. Temperatures are expected to drop below -50°C in some regions. People hid in their homes, and those who went out into the street are considered real heroes. UPS driver Tyler Mehring, one such daredevil, says: “I’m wearing thermal underwear, long sleeves, my regular UPS work shirt and this jacket, and then the same thing on my legs, three layers, shorts and two pairs of socks.”

It’s a shame that bad weather hit the United States on the eve of Christmas – millions of Americans were planning to travel during the Christmas holidays. Tens of thousands of passengers huddle in waiting rooms, and thousands of flights are completely canceled or delayed.

Joe Biden urged the population of the country not to ignore the recommendations of the authorities and take the storm seriously. The homeless are of particular concern: shelters are open for them to stay overnight, but some refuse to go there, preferring to stay on the street.

Already introduced in several states state of emergency. A powerful snow storm swept the United States. There are already first casualties. At least 5 people died. State after state is in emergency mode. A cold front paralyzes movement on the ground and in the air. In some regions of the country, a snowstorm limited visibility to arm’s length. The situation is aggravated by squally wind and temperature drop to -40°С.

The worst weather is expected to come. According to weather forecasts, a “bomb cyclone” will occur when atmospheric pressure drops and a mass of cold air collides with warm air.

Severe winter storm that will pass over the United States this week writes The Air Force could bring some parts of the country the coldest Christmas weather in four decades, forecasters say. And just a week ago, on December 15, a Louisiana tornado destroyed homes and power lines.

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