February 3, 2023

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Searches in the cells of the Albanian criminal authorities in the prison of Chania

Early on the morning of December 23, members of the Attica Police Department for the Investigation of Extortion and Murder conducted a surprise raid on 6 cells in the Chania prison, where a total of 13 Albanians convicted under severe articles of the penal code are being held.

Among them is the leader of the “prison mafia” Claudian Lekocay, who has repeatedly found himself at the center of investigations. EL.AS. in cases of contract killings and drug trafficking. More recently, he was accused of ordering the murder of a 39-year-old man last July in Agia Varvara.

According to one version, the investigation was planned and carried out at the initiative of the head of the Attica Security Directorate after his consultations with the political leadership of the Ministry of Public Order. The search in the cells took place a few days after the shocking double kill last Sunday on the square of Nea Smirni, the victims of which were two Albanian citizens aged 41 and 44 years.

The purpose of the searches is to find evidence of the involvement of Claudian Lekocaj in the recent execution 2 Albanian criminals in Nea Smyrni.

According to some information, which, however, has not been confirmed by the competent authorities, there are suspicions that among the criminals convicted under especially serious articles that have become the subject of an investigation, there is also the customer of the recent double murder. Police sources attributed the murder to a showdown between an ethnic Albanian mafias.

It is known that one of the two dead men was previously involved in drug and robbery cases, and now the police are looking through his past, trying to find the end of the thread that will lead them to the killers and customers of the brutal execution.

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