February 2, 2023

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Romania: bus with 47 Greeks involved in an accident – one killed, several injured

There was a serious traffic accident in Bucharest, with at least one dead and several injured, involving a bus carrying 47 Greeks.

According to observernews.ro, the accident occurred when the bus, which was believed to have exceeded the speed limit, crashed into a metal beam to mark the height of vehicles. The beam broke through the roof in the middle of the bus and knocked out several windows.

Statement by the Greek Foreign Ministry regarding the accident

According to the Greek embassy in Bucharest, today a tourist bus crashed in the Romanian capital with 47 Greek passengers and a Greek driver. Upon notification from the Emergency Department of the Romanian Interior Ministry, 24 passengers were taken to local hospitals for examination and possible first aid. Three of them were hospitalized in serious condition. Unfortunately, the bus passenger died. The rest of the passengers were transferred to a hotel.

A group of the Greek Embassy in Bucharest immediately went to the scene and then to the hospitals where the aforementioned Greek citizens are being treated. Also, embassy staff remain in hospitals to provide all possible assistance to the victims.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its deepest condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased and wishes a speedy recovery to the injured. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in constant contact with the Greek Embassy in Bucharest and is monitoring the situation.

Contact numbers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any relevant information: 210 368 1730, 210 368 1350.

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