February 5, 2023

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Revelations about the rape of a teenager in Ilion are shocking

Incredible details of the case in Ilion of the rape of a 15-year-old student by a group of eight classmates emerge from a dossier presented by protothema.gr.

As it became known, eight students are accused of creating and participating in a criminal organization, serial rape, possession of drugs and pornography of minors, as they filmed their violent actions on video. Among the rapists are four schoolgirls, one of whom is 14 years old. As follows from the materials of the case, the detainees confess to their deeds, explain it as a misunderstanding and apologize to their classmate and his family. One of them even admits: “We started it three months ago… Other people in the group did it too.”

Father’s Complaint

According to the accompanying note to the case, “On December 16, the father of a minor student reported that on December 1 his son was raped by peers in a house in Ilion, naming the main participants. He then spoke about how his son dealt with the incident and demanded, The student was subsequently examined first by the Security Department of Ilion and then by the Sub-Directorate for the Protection of Minors, and was given a memo to be examined by the Athens Forensic Service.

Student confession in juvenile court

According to the case file, at the first examination, the student stated the following in his 22-page statement: “There was a problem with an old friend. I told the police about this. gangs… They did something to me.” Next, the student names the main participants in what was done to him, and those present who did not act as physical performers, but provided moral assistance in performing these actions. Later, he mentioned exactly what all the defendants did against him and the role of each of them, saying revealingly…

The teenager also told police officers that the rapists recorded their actions on their mobile phones. He also mentions the name of a classmate, about whom he says that “he didn’t come with us as often as the others, didn’t go for a walk with us.” One time a classmate was present, saw it and did nothing, and another time he held me.”

According to the accompanying note to the case, “for several days after the assault-rape, the defendants communicated in a derogatory manner and insulted the student, distributing the video to other students at the school.”

The following few lines in the accompanying note mention the identification and arrest of students that took place on Wednesday morning: “In the early morning of December 21st, employees of our department searched the homes of the accused, leading most of them to the headquarters of our department, where they were arrested. during the searches, their mobile phones were found and seized, which have already been sent to forensic laboratories for analysis, precision scales, a bag with 5.12 grams marijuanaa metal grater with marijuana residue and other items relevant to the case.

See photos of the house – a hell hole where a 15-year-old teenager was raped

“We started it three months ago… There were other members in the group”

In preliminary statements, the defendants (carefully prepared by lawyers) repent. They have already apologized to the injured classmate and his family. One of them was frank: “I want to apologize to my classmate. This incident happened three months ago, there were other participants. I was with them both before and after filming. I understand my mistake, which I could not understand all this time, and I want to say that I did not receive or send a video, and I do not have any video. The rest I will tell the interrogator, I have nothing more to add. “

Another said: “I want to apologize to my classmate and his family. This is all a misunderstanding related to my involvement. I’ll tell the prosecutor the rest. I have nothing more to add.”

It was no coincidence that minors hid in an abandoned building

In the area where the house where the 15-year-old victim was located is located, residents saw children entering the abandoned building, but thought they were playing. However, one neighbor noticed a group of children playing a “weird” game with one child. “There were a lot of kids, about 10 people, they sat inside, put things in the basket and took them back. They were all there, and it seemed to me that they had fun. There were neighbors’ children there too. In the last month, they began to come often and take things out of the house.

Legal point of view

“I also offer this sincere apology on behalf of my client and his parents. Although my client denies any involvement in the allegations attributed to him, his parents from the first moment turned to a special child psychiatrist to monitor the child and provide him with all the necessary assistance. , which is necessary for anyone who, forcibly or voluntarily, voluntarily or involuntarily, participates in such actions, “emphasizes for protothema.gr the lawyer of one of the accused, Mr. Emmanuel Diamantaras.

Watch video: Hell house where eight 15-year-olds raped their classmate: “We started three months ago, others did it too.”

PS This is the second school violence case we’ve written about in the last week before Christmas. As we reported earlier, two schoolchildren in Corinth tried to rape their 14-year-old classmate right on the school grounds.

Something terrible is happening in the school environment. Society is clearly unhealthy.

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