February 8, 2023

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The archimandrite sexually harassed the taxi driver: “Bow so I can … bless you”

An archimandrite preaching in a church in the center of Athens is accused of sexually harassing a taxi driver.

The priest seems to have succumbed to his sick passions and went so far as to shamelessly molest the taxi driver in order to satisfy his sexual appetites. The taxi driver, who is married, could not stand the priest’s sexual harassment and, disgusted, went to his home in the center of Athens.

There he argued with the priest. He asked not to disturb him anymore and went so far as to beat him. But despite the beating, the priest did not file a complaint against the taxi driver in the face of the ensuing scandal.

For his part, the taxi driver was not satisfied with assault on the priest and reported sexual harassment against the Athenian archdiocese, demanding that he be expelled from the church where he served. Representatives of the archdiocese called on the priest to apologize and resign from his post in the church where he serves, but he denied the accusations against him. He asked the two metropolitans, with whom he maintains friendly relations, that the church leadership “forget” the question that had arisen.

After the intervention of two hierarchs, one from the island and one from the region of Attica, the complaint against the priest was transferred to the archives. But the taxi driver, next to whom is his wife, is determined to stop the pervert’s activities. However, the same priest created other problems. According to a report on the same church website, the cemetery church, which is subordinate to the archimandrite, hired a young man, the leader of an extra-parliamentary left party, who transferred his house in Mykoniatika Agios Anargyros to foreigners.

The Pakistanis who received the premises turned it into an illegal mosque, causing problems in the area. Residents of the area complain that a young man, with the blessing of an Orthodox priest, turned the house into an informal Muslim mosque.

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