January 27, 2023

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More than 26.4 million tourists visited Greece in 10 months of this year

According to the Bank of Greece, tourism revenue for the ten months from January to October showed an increase of 70.4% compared to the corresponding period in 2021 and amounted to 17.114 billion euros.

Compared to the period January-October 2019, in the corresponding period of 2022, tourism receipts showed a decrease of 2.6%, while inbound passenger traffic increased by 11.0%, and average travel expenses increased by 10.1%.

This picture, according to the Central Bank, is due to an increase in fees from residents of the EU-27 countries by 49.0%, which amounted to 9.82 billion euros, as well as fees from residents of countries outside the EU-27 by 110.5%, which amounted to 6.927 billion euros.

In particular, financial receipts from residents of the eurozone countries amounted to 7.830 billion euros, an increase of 46.0%, and from residents of the EU-27 countries outside the euro area – 1.995 billion euros, showing an increase of 61.9%.

In particular, receipts from Germany increased by 37.9% and amounted to 3117.8 million euros, and from France – by 29.1% and amounted to 1256.6 million euros. From non-EU27 countries: United Kingdom receipts increased by 122.7% to €3128.3 million, United States receipts also rose by 86.4% to €1057.3 million and from Russia decreased by 65.0%, to 34.5 million euros.

The increase in receipts reflects a 92% increase in tourist arrivals, bringing the number of tourists visiting our country during this period to over 26.4 million compared to 13.7 million in the corresponding period of 2021. The EU-27 accounted for 16.3 million travelers, an increase of 68.9% compared to the corresponding period in 2021, while the tourist flow from non-EU-27 countries increased by 147.0% and amounted to 10.1 million travelers. Tourist flow from the euro area countries increased by 59.3%, and from the EU-27 countries outside the euro area – by 94.2%.

In particular, the flow of tourists from Germany increased by 47.1% and reached 4.2 million travelers, as well as from France by 49.9% and reached 1711.0 million travelers. For countries outside of EUthe flow of tourists from the United Kingdom increased by 194.4%, to 4.3 million tourists, and from the United States – by 167.5%, to 975.7 thousand “guests”.

At the same time, the flow of tourists from Russia decreased by 63.3% and amounted to only 34.6 thousand travelers.

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