February 8, 2023

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Russian Foreign Ministry: military equipment sent by Greece to Kyiv will be destroyed

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Monday her intention to trace and destroy all military equipment that Greece is going to transfer to Ukraine:

Finally, no one should have any doubts that all military equipment sent to Kyiv will be tracked in a timely manner and destroyed by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Before it is too late, you can abandon dangerous plans. Once again we warn the Greek leadership about responsibility.

Zakharova also noted, TASS reports, that Moscow considers Greece’s provocative plans for the supply of S-300 and other Russian-style air defense systems to Ukraine as hostile to Russia:

Recently, the Greek leadership has been increasingly declaring its readiness to transfer S-300 PMU-1 anti-aircraft missile systems based on the island of Crete to Ukraine, subject to receiving an additional number of US Patriot air defense systems to replace. We consider provocative plans to supply the Kyiv regime with the S-300 and other air defense systems of the Russian [или] Soviet-style openly hostile to Russia. The opinion of Greek citizens is ignored, 70% of whom, according to public opinion polls, oppose pumping Ukraine with weapons.

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry says that Greece is not concerned about the fact that by sending weapons to the war zone, it risks becoming a direct accomplice of Ukrainian neo-Nazis:

Official Athens is not worried that by sending weapons to the combat zone, they become direct accomplices of Ukrainian neo-Nazis who are waging a criminal war against the peaceful civilian population of Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson region, including numerous ethnic Greeks living there.

Zakharova noted that Greece shows complete indifference to international restrictions in the field of arms trade: “There is also a complete indifference of the Greek side to international restrictions in the field of arms trade, which do not allow its export to those regions where this may lead to a violation of international humanitarian law, contribute to exacerbation of conflicts.

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