February 2, 2023

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Investigation of the double murder in N. Smyrna, photos of the victims

During the investigation cafe murders Nea Smyrni, the police established the killer’s route, are close to determining the number of his car and have tracked down the suspect, who, in all likelihood, was an accomplice of the executioner.

Received ΕΛ.ΑΣ. videos, writing CNN Greece, step by step help to analyze the course of events and advance in the investigation, the keys to which are the car number and the identity of the accomplice. The police hope that after identifying the car killer, they will get a lot of details and be able to solve the crime.

The police managed to determine the route and means used by the criminals, thanks to special analyzes in the ΓΑΔΑ forensic laboratories, efforts are being made to identify the license plate.

Particular attention is paid to the accomplice. A suspect has already been identified, it is possible that this is the same person who helped in the murder. He was probably in the cafe at the time of the incident, giving a “signal” and information about the location of the “target” to the performer.

Photos and names of Albanians shot in cold blood in Nea Smyrni have been published by the Albanian media. According to top-channel.tvthis is 44-year-old Armando Organha (left) and 41-year-old Kreshnik Cherchizai (right).

Earlier, our publication wrote about who became the victim of the executioner. According to police, the target was a man who was shot in the head. He was released from prison on parole, having previously received a term under articles on drugs, robberies and weapons. The second deceased, who was with him, apparently was not the target of the executioner. His criminal past is linked to an arrest for gambling and, earlier, for possession of a weapon.

Well, list of murders committed by the mafia over the past 4 years, another execution has been added. The balance in the criminal environment of the war is constantly disturbed, and the murders remain unsolved. The mouths are tightly closed and the killers are professional.

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