February 2, 2023

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In 1933, Hitler planned to make Belarus a German colony.

Declassified documents told about Adolf Hitler’s plans to stage a coup in the USSR in 1933 and make Belarus a German colony.

As tells BB.LV, the leader of Nazi Germany, planned to resettle Germans from the Soviet Volga region to Belarus. This is evidenced promulgated documents of those times on the website of the Yeltsin Presidential Library. The archival document of the Foreign Department of the OGPU of the USSR, which is dated September 1933, says:

“Regarding the coup projects in Russia, the following was additionally reported: according to Hitler’s plan, all Volga Germans will move to Belarus.”

However, before that, Belarus had to “submit first to the new government regime in Russia” and be industrialized by Germany, and then become a colony. The plan assumed a gradual Anschluss – the absorption of Belarus by Germany.

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