February 8, 2023

Athens News

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Amendment ΣΥΡΙΖΑ to reduce ΦΠΑ on food and fuel is discussed in Parliament today

The SYRIZA amendment, which is being considered today in the Greek Parliament, provides for the application of a significantly reduced ΦΠΑ up to 6% on food products from January 1 to December 31, 2023, with the possibility of extension.

Amendment made by SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance to the bill of the Ministry of Health. It also provides for a reduction in ΦΠΑ for all types of fuel – gas, diesel and gasoline – for the same period, to the minimum allowable limits. EUfor the period from the date of adoption of the law.

Deputies from SYRIZA-P.S. note that the reduction of ΦΠΑ on food products is extremely necessary, since inflation this year is estimated at 10%, food inflation in November amounted to 15%, and the rise in prices for the main categories of food products reached 20%.

SYRIZA explains that their proposed provision is expected to stimulate the market and increase citizens’ incomes by lowering final prices, which will provide a necessary and generous tax break for consumers, writes CNN Greece.

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