February 8, 2023

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Syntagma: a 16-year-old girl was stabbed by two of her peers

Two “frostbitten” bandits stabbed an underage girl on Syntagma Square.

The nightmarish incident was recorded by the Greek law enforcement agencies. Last night (from 19/12 to 20/12) at 22:55 on Syntagma Square, two young girls aged 16 and 19 stabbed their 16-year-old friend in the right thigh.

The girl was taken to the CAT hospital, from where she was discharged early in the morning. According to sources ΕΛΑΣthe victim told the police the names of two of her peers who go to a nearby school.

Young girls (being sisters) for some unknown reason started a quarrel with an outside schoolgirl, as a result of which one of them pulled out a knife (most likely, of the “butterfly” type) and struck. The investigation into ΕΛΑΣ on their whereabouts and detention is in full swing.

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