February 2, 2023

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Tax office lottery: check if you won

According to the AAΔE announcement, the 11th November Transaction Public Lottery took place today, Monday, December 19 at 12:30 pm.

Today is the first of two tax lottery draws of the month. It is noted that the winners will be 556 lucky ones. Distribution of winnings:

  • 1 will win 50,000 euros,
  • 5 winners will receive 20,000 euros,
  • 50 winners – 5000 euros each,
  • 500 wins 1000 euros.

Individuals with a payer number AFM in Greece and over the age of 18 are automatically entered into the National Tax Office State Lottery (AAΔE) based on the data received. As you know, when paying with a bank card or making purchases on the Internet, citizens “points” (“tickets”) are awarded. In order to become a participant in the lottery, you must:

  1. Make transactions using a card or other electronic means of payment.
  2. The citizen filed an income tax return for the past year.

In addition, the AAΔE “Super Christmas Lottery” will reward taxpayers who have used e-money in their daily payments this year. December tax lottery will distribute 1.2 million euros among twelve super lucky people. The amount of 100,000 euros that will be provided by the AAΔE tax lottery is tax-free, does not represent income and will not be subject to withholding in favor of the state or third parties.

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