February 2, 2023

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Market pass: up to 120 euros per month to support households

Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis noted that assistance to households for the purchase of food (market pass) is one of two ways to combat the consequences of rising prices and works in conjunction with the “family basket”.

If the consumer prefers products from the “family basket”, he saves about 70 euros per month. The “food subscription” or “market pass” subsidy can be up to 50 euros for a family with three children, so the subsidy can be 120 euros per monthThe minister said: “It must be ridiculous for someone to say that the income criterion is low when a family with three children has a limit of 41,000 euros.”

Mr. Georgiadis, in an interview with Antenna TV channel, reiterated that the “family basket” works and is chosen by consumers, which leads to competition between companies and discounts, stating that “the data says that in the first 6 weeks, prices are – 6.8%, and together with the decrease in inflation, the decrease reaches 15%”, indicating that the measure “would be successful even if prices were stable”.

Answering a question about the upcoming increase in prices for a number of goods, Mr. Georgiadis said that “inflation has not disappeared, the euro area average is 10%, and it is natural for various companies to adjust their prices depending on inflation. The “basket” will contain goods at consistently lower prices.”

“We have a surplus due to the good course of the economy,” the minister added, once again rejecting the possibility of reducing VAT. Mr. Georgiadis noted that “VAT reduction is a horizontal and permanent measure, and is intended to influence the interest rates on loans in the country.

Responding to a question about helping households buy food, Mr. Georgiadis said that this is one of two means of combating the effects of rising prices, working in conjunction with the “family basket”.

“The combination of financial aid for food and ‘household baskets’ can solve the number one problem facing society, which is punctuality, to a very large extent,” said Mr. Georgiadis, noting that they constantly monitor the market, “fines have been imposed for 15 companies on Friday.”

Commenting on the reaction of citizens that appeared on pictures of a minister carrying crates of vegetables, Adonis Georgiadis, among other things, said that “on Saturday, 40 tons of vegetables and fruits were collected and distributed to the metropolitanates of Attica. At the time I arrived at the central market, loading and unloading was going on, and I also took on a 10-kilogram box … I have carried thousands of boxes in my life since I was 15, there is no shame in doing good.”

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