January 27, 2023

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Double murder in Nea Smyrni: who was the target of the executioner

In place of yesterday cold-blooded murder in the Nea Smyrni cafe, the police found 7 shell casings. According to them, the target of the perpetrator was a man who received a shot in the head.

He was released from prison on parole, having received a term under articles on drugs, robbery and weapons. The second deceased, who was with him, apparently was not the target of the executioner. His criminal past is linked to an arrest for gambling and, earlier, for possession of a weapon.

The girl who was injured is being treated, she is a frequenter of the cafe, who was sitting at a table next to two dead men.

In a difficult criminal past with cases of drugs and weapons, the police are looking for the end of the “thread” of a brutal murder. The schemes involved in the execution do not remain outside the “framework” of investigations. It is noteworthy and surprising how comfortably the criminal entered the store and executed his victims in front of unsuspecting visitors and cafe workers.

The police believe that the killer did not want to hurt and send a message, namely to kill the men. This is the main reason why he took the risk of carrying out his plan in this way. However, the fact that he managed to escape the scene of the murder on foot also raises unpleasant conclusions. Now the authorities are trying to establish whether he had an accomplice, and how he could escape from the scene of the murder.

From early Monday morning, homicide officers will try to find footage from surveillance cameras in other stores to trace the route of the masked assailant, as well as take new statements from witnesses who were in the cafe. All of them were overly excited and at first were unable to give a detailed description of the incident.

According to witnesses, most of them were not at all concerned that a man in overalls and a surgical mask entered the store. They realized that something was wrong when he started shooting. Most cafe patrons tried to hide under the tables.

As writes CNN Greece, Homicide Investigators will demand that both of the victims’ mobile phones be declassified and will attempt to locate the perpetrator’s activated mobile phone. But this possibility is unlikely.

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