February 2, 2023

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Two juveniles charged with attempted rape of 14-year-old classmate

Two minors were taken into custody after they were charged with attempted rape of a 14-year-old classmate. Schoolchildren were arrested along with three other students in the city of Corinth on Thursday.

The arrest of five schoolchildren aged 13 to 16 followed a complaint from the victim’s mother to the local police.

According to the state broadcaster ERT companiesthree of the five were released on condition that they report to the local police station and change schools.

The girl’s mother told police that five boys tried to rape her 14-year-old daughter on the high school playground shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday, just after recess ended.

One of the boys lured the 14-year-old girl by saying that her friend wanted to talk to her.

The victim followed the boy, who immobilized her with a head blockade and began to beat her in sensitive places. Soon the other four boys appeared, threw the girl to the ground, immobilized her and tried to pull down her pants.

The girl resisted and managed to escape.

The father of one of the arrested boys threatened to sue the principal of the school: “We are shocked. I will be suing the principal for negligence. If they had done their job properly, none of this would have happened, and they never contacted us to tell us what happened and how.”– the father told reporters.

He added that his son told him that “everything that happened was part of a joke. He was not involved… I will never forget the sight of my son in handcuffs.”.

The mother of another detainee stated that her boy had nothing to do with the incident and that her son was only watching.

According to STAR TV, the medic, who examined the victim twice, could only confirm bruising on the legs, arms and chest.

“Some of the boys were already known to the police for similar offenses,” adds Star TV!

PS We are not to blame, these are others, the standard excuse in such cases. Parents can be understood, they are in shock, but the demand is primarily from them, why 14-year-old teenagers at 11 o’clock in the morning walked around for no reason and why they weren’t hammered into their heads or in another place, elementary concepts of what is good and what a joke qualifies as a criminal offence?

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