January 27, 2023

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The menu includes mealworms, locusts and house crickets.

The European Commission decided to remind residents EUhow useful “ecological” food – three types of insects for consumption “whole or in the form of additives.”

True, as stated BB.LV, there is no excitement – Europeans prefer “the old fashioned way” it is better to eat a piece of meat. And the European Commission insistently reminds, accompanying its post on social networks with colorful images of the recommended insects:

“Did you know that domestic crickets, mealworms and migratory locusts are officially approved by the European Union for consumption as a snack or food ingredient?”

And he confidently says that insects are not only “rich in protein, fiber and vitamins,” but are also much more beneficial than a meat diet, especially for the environment. In response, numerous comments appeared – in just a few days, almost 2000. But there were no enthusiastic ones, rather, on the contrary:

“I’m stocking up on popcorn in anticipation of the European commissioners themselves starting to eat grasshoppers on camera”, “Let’s first start eating this delicious, healthy, eco-friendly food, and we’ll take a look at you”, “What, mealworms are already served in the canteens of the EU? Or maybe at official events instead of steaks?”, “When I said that the European Union would be more destructive for Italy than the locust invasion, I still didn’t think it was so literally.”

So why so aggressive? The European Commission simply recalled the rules approved in February 2022. Domestic crickets then became the third insect species to be included in the list of “non-standard foods” – along with yellow mealworms (larvae) and migratory locusts. And after all, the EC offers citizens not something “disgusting”, but exotic products that are enjoyed with pleasure in some countries outside the Old World.

In European supermarkets (though not in all and not in large quantities) “locust chips” and “cricket muesli” are already offered. At the same time, the regulations of the European Commission set the standards – what should be the “presentation” of insects.

How do you know if there will be many people interested in such products. However, evil tongues are already asserting that “whoever does not want to, will be forced to.” Not in the literal sense, of course, but by further raising food prices and introducing additional taxes on meat products.

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