February 2, 2023

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Eleven arrests in a cafe where they played dice

Eleven people – nine locals and two foreigners – have been arrested by Heraklion police for running and participating in illegal gambling.

Their arrest was made during the inspection of one of the cafes in Heraklion, where it was found that a citizen of the country, who is the owner of the enterprise, allowed nine people to participate in a dice game in which he himself took part.

During the inspection of the detainees and the search conducted in the premises of the store, an amount of 8815 euros, received from gambling, and 4 pairs of “dice” were found and seized. In addition, a man was arrested, who, as it was established, acted as an informant to the players about the upcoming police check (grifter).

A preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Heraklion security unit.

Gambling in Greece is allowed only in places with a special license, fines and imprisonment await violators.

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