February 2, 2023

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10% food allowance on purchases in 2023 will be able to receive 8.5 million Greek citizens

Food pass: how the government will support Greek households. Assistance within six months is estimated at 650 million euros.

From February 2023, for six months (until July), the state provides a 10% subsidy for food purchases to households that meet certain criteria. This was announced by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking in Parliament. This measure will be financed by taxing the profits of oil refineries.

State assistance is 10% of the total purchases of all types of goods in stores that carry out retail trade in food. Depending on the composition of the household, limits are set on the total amount of monthly purchases – from 220 euros for a family with one member to 1000 euros. For each additional household member, the monthly limit is increased by 100 euros. In reality, it looks like this:

  1. One-member family: limit of 220 euros per month for purchases, allowance of 22 euros per month.
  2. Couple without children: 320 euros per month for purchases, 32 euros per month allowance.
  3. Single parent family with one dependent child: €320 per month limit, €32 per month for allowance.
  4. Family with one parent and two dependent children: monthly purchases 420 euros, assistance 42 euros per month.
  5. Couple with one dependent child: 420 euros per month for purchases, 42 euros per month for allowance.
  6. Couple with two dependent children: €520 per month purchase limit, €52 per month allowance.
  7. Couple with three dependent children: 620 euros per month for purchases, 62 euros per month for assistance.
  8. Couple with four dependent children: monthly purchases 720 euros, monthly support 72 euros.

Thus, the allowance for six months is 312 euros for a family with two children, 192 euros for a married couple, and a large family with four children will receive 432 euros. The above amounts are credited every month to a digital debit card, which can only be used in grocery retail stores: supermarkets, bakeries, convenience stores, butchers, fish and vegetable stores, etc. If the beneficiary chooses to deposit to a bank account, then payments are credited quarterly, and the amount of assistance is 80% of the above amounts.

The beneficiaries of the support program are single-member households with a total annual income of up to 16,000 euros and with an annual income of up to 24,000 euros married couples or persons who have entered into a cohabitation agreement, which increases by 5,000 euros for each child or guest in the household .

Potential beneficiaries are about 3.2 million households (out of 4.1 million) with about 8.5 million people. The total cost of state support for six months is estimated at 650 million euros. CNN Greece.

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