February 8, 2023

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The weather is shocking: a 10°C drop in air temperature

According to forecasts of meteorologists, in the coming days the weather will change, seasonally high temperatures will be replaced by severe cold and even frost.

According to the meteorological service of the Athens National Observatory, the heat wave that has prevailed over the past few days in the country has led to an increase in air temperature to values ​​significantly higher than usual for the season. According to the latest meteo.gr forecast data, the temperature increase will peak today, on Saturday 17/12, and on Sunday, high temperatures will continue in the south of Greece, but will begin to decrease in the center and north of the country.

On Monday, December 19 and Tuesday, December 20, the temperature will temporarily but significantly (more than 10 degrees) drop throughout the country, and due to the predominance of very strong northerly winds, the “cold” will be quite noticeable.

The following video shows the forecast of temperature deviation from the average climatic values ​​of the season at an altitude of 1500 meters until the evening of Wednesday 21/12. Areas where the temperature will be above the climatic average are shaded in orange/red, and areas where it will be below are shaded in blue. It is noted that the final temperature configuration at the earth’s surface depends on many other factors, such as cloudiness, wind, etc.

As Kostas Lagouvardos, director of research at meteo.gr/National Observatory in Athens, noted, “From Sunday evening to Wednesday, the weather will change dramatically. We will have a significant increase in northern winds, which in the Aegean Sea will reach 8 on the Beaufort scale. This will lead to a significant drop in temperature, especially on Monday and Tuesday.”

The return to winter during this period is what Sakis Arnautoglu has been talking about for several days now. According to an ERT meteorologist,neg will fall in the eastern continental regions, in particular, in mountainous Thessaly, mountainous Sterea, as well as in the mountains of Evia and the northeastern Peloponnese, and even in Attica – on Mount Parnitha.

However, this bad weather will not last long, as it will be warm again in the run-up to Christmas. As December 25 approaches, the mercury column will remain at an unusually high level, Georgos Tsatrafillias said. The Alpha meteorologist indicated that unless something drastically changes, ski resorts will remain closed during the Christmas season.

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