February 8, 2023

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Original ways to keep warm if there is no heating in the house

With the advent of cold weather to its full height, the problem of heating the home arose. And if the batteries remain cold, but there is no heater? Use the original advice of “experienced”: 4+ life hacks.

“The Heat Trap”

The clay pot and candle heat lamp was invented by Californian Doyle Doss. A simple and effective design consists of flower pots and … candles. To make it, you will need ceramic pots, a long metal bolt, several nuts and washers, and “tea” candles. The pots need to be inserted into each other according to the principle of a nesting doll, leaving a small space between the bottoms – nuts and a long bolt for fixing will help with this.

You can also use metal boxes for bulk products, you just have to drill holes in them. At the bottom of the structure, candles are installed that will heat the pots, and they, in turn, will give the accumulated heat to the room.

Window insulation with bubble wrap

Not too aesthetic coating in the form of a pimply film effectively reduces heat loss. To do this, cut the film to fit the glass and glue it with any soapy solution: dishwashing detergent, shampoo, and others. The product is applied to the glass with a spray gun, and the film is glued with pimples to the window. Plastic windows can be insulated by completely pasting them with a film.

Mini-heater from … cans

It will take a few minutes to make. Prepare a tin can, a metal lid, and tea candles (flat wax candles encased in an aluminum frame). You need to drill 8-10 holes in the jar, install candles on the metal lid and cover with a jar.

bottle warmer

Cozy under the covers in cold weather, if you use a heating pad from a plastic bottle. All you need to do is fill it with hot water. Just do not overdo it – plastic can be deformed from boiling water. If you put such a heating pad in bed an hour before going to bed, then it will meet you with pleasant warmth. However, there is a more modern option – heated sheets.

Additional ways

In addition to using homemade heaters, you can warm the room in another way:

  1. Hot tub and open door. The steam from the hot water raises the temperature in the bathroom, and the open door to the bathroom releases heat into the rest of the room.
  2. Carpets and Curtains: Thick carpets will keep your feet warm, and drawn curtains will keep drafts out.
  3. Cooking in the oven – it radiates a lot of heat. Especially if you open the door after cooking, because the oven cools down slowly and generates heat for some time.
  4. Warm woolen or terry socks combined with a cozy blanket will protect you in any cold weather.
  5. Hot drinks, in particular, tea (possible with lemon and ginger), cranberry juice. But alcohol, contrary to popular belief, only makes things worse.

How not to keep warm

  1. Warm the room with gas burners and leave them unattended.
  2. Use the most budgetary electric blankets and electric sheets. Cheap electrical appliances from unverified manufacturers can cause a short circuit and start a fire.
  3. Use the heater at the same time as other devices with high power consumption. If the quality of the heater is in doubt, do not leave it unattended.

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