February 3, 2023

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In Egypt were "blocked" thousands of Russian tourists

After the closure of the Middle East air corridor, more than a thousand tourists cannot return to Russia from Egypt.

The reason was sky closure for iFly by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Eritrea and Yemen. Until December 15, Jordan allowed overflights, but now it has closed its skies to iFly aircraft. This is due to the double registration of Airbus A330 liners and the lack of air insurance issued in London.

It all started after the imposition of sanctions by the European Union, which banned the supply of aircraft to Russia. In response to a legal demand from leasing companies to return the Boeing and Airbus liners previously provided to Russian airlines, the Russian government instead allowed airlines to register aircraft in the country. Thus, they got two registrations: in Russia and in Bermuda (or Ireland). However, dual registration is contrary to the Chicago Convention and international air travel safety requirements.

Tez Tour and Fun & Sun clients fly to Egypt with iFly. The day before, sources in the tourism sector drew attention to the fact that in the event of a flight stop, about three thousand Russians will not be able to return home. Despite the complexity of the situation, iFly does not cancel flights or transfer its passengers to other airlines that do not have problems with double check-in and flying over Turkey. These are Aeroflot, Azur Air, Red Wings and SSJ-100 “Russia”.

It is possible that the company will have to negotiate with the Egyptian carrier or the Kazakh airline Scat Airlines for the removal of stranded tourists, says Artur Muradyan, vice president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. According to him, Aeroflot and Azur Air could take all Russian tourists out of Egypt, but their planes are already involved in the program of other tour operators. Those, in turn, will not agree to give up their blocks of seats without instructions from the authorities.

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