February 5, 2023

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“Wandering” iguanas in the center of Thessaloniki

Two stray iguanas roamed the streets of the northern capital of Greece this morning, which, as expected, aroused the interest of passers-by, surprised by this unusual sight.

A resident of the Rotunda district in the center of Thessaloniki accidentally found the first iguana on the street, picked it up and delivered it to a local store. However, a few hours later, another passer-by found another iguana, this time on the street near the Aristotle University, and called rescuers.

Two iguanas have been donated to the Animal Rescue and Protection Association, with group volunteer Stelios Geronimakis highlighting: “Two roaming iguanas were found in the city center today. Both of them are juveniles that are easy to catch as they are in a state of inhibition due to the cold. These are tropical animals that have an increased need for heat and humidity. Information about iguanas is placed in the registry for the search for owners who have lost their pets. The foundlings will be provided with electronic marking, as required by law.” However, it is still unknown how two cute reptiles ended up “homeless” on the streets of the city.

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