February 8, 2023

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Eva Kylie: three fatal mistakes that led to her arrest

Eva Kylie claims that she is innocent and has nothing to do with Qatargate, but the three mistakes she made one after the other make her position very difficult in relation to the Belgian authorities.

The MEP is trying to defend her defense, which is based on the fact that she did not know anything about the money found in the house, which she keeps with her husband Francesco Giorgio. This was also the reason why the former Vice-President of the European Parliament was not present at the hearings in the Judicial Council on Wednesday. However, she took steps that aggravated her situation and eventually led to self-incrimination proceedings and her arrest.

First, when she was taken to the Judicial Police Headquarters and asked by the prosecutor to explain herself, Ms Kylie said she had seen several suitcases of money in the house in the past.

Secondly, it turned out that it was a mistake to ask the father to move the money from the family home to a safe place, as he did not expect to be watched by the Belgian police. This led to prosecution proceedings and her arrest.

Thirdly, Eva Kylie came to vote in favor of Qatar in the European Parliament committee, in which she did not even participate. As follows from the document presented by MEGA, the vote was held for the Libe committee, of which the Greek MEP was not a member. In fact, Kylie voted in favor of the Gulf state at the same time she made the infamous statement that “Qatar is a pioneer in labor rights.”

Eva Kylie is being prosecuted on charges of money laundering and corruption. Each of these charges could cost her up to 5 years. Her lawyers estimate that if she agrees to cooperate, she faces 3-4 years in prison, possibly suspended. However, through her lawyers, she maintains her innocence, claiming she had nothing to do with the money that was tracked, which is very hard to believe. And all this at a time when her partner Francesco Giorgio allegedly claimed full responsibility for the cash found with the couple in their home, saying that the former vice president of the European Parliament did not know about them.

According to Belgian media reports, Giorgi admitted that he was part of an organization that lobbied Qatar and Morocco to intervene in European affairs for their own benefit. The Italian companion of Eva Kaili also confirmed that the former MEP from Italy (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats – S&D) Pier Anthony Pangeri is indeed the head of the lobbying group. Also, according to La Repubblica, Giorgi confessed to the corruption case, but defended Eva Kylie, asking the Belgian authorities to release her. “She should be with our daughter,” he said, according to the newspaper. “She has nothing to do with this case.”

The Italian allegedly accuses two other current MEPs belonging to a group of European socialists: the Belgian Marc Tarabella, whose house was searched by the police in the presence of the President of the European Parliament himself, and the Italian Andrea Cozolino, for whom F. Giorgi worked as an assistant.

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