March 26, 2023

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Weather: warm and humid in the coming days

Warm, wet weather is expected in Greece from today until Sunday, Clearchos Marousakis promises. In Attica, the thermometer will show over 20°C.

On Friday and Saturday, the air will warm up to 23-24°C, and a cold snap is expected again from Monday. Today, local rains are possible, and tomorrow the temperature will exceed the seasonal average. And all thanks to the atmospheric front, which is moving from Italy towards the east and northeast of Greece. It brings with it southerly winds and warmth. Today, rain is expected in several regions until noon – from the Peloponnese and further north.

In Attica, rain is unlikely, fog and high humidity are noted. By evening, the thermometer will rise to 21°C, exceeding the norm for this season by 5-7 degrees. In Thessaloniki it is cloudy and foggy, local rains are possible. Temperature 14-15°C.

On Friday and Saturday in the west and north of the country 23-25°С, light rains are possible. From the beginning of next week, the temperature will drop slightly and will return to normal winter conditions.

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