March 24, 2023

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A stray bullet pierced the window of the van and went right through

An incredible case was recorded by the police in Metamorfosi, when a stray bullet pierced the interior of a white commercial vehicle such as a van. The two employees inside were miraculously unharmed.

The bullet, according to MEGA, pierced the driver’s window and exited through a small window next to the passenger’s mirror. Two men, carrying out their work duties, traveled in a company car. In shock, they later told the police that at that moment they stopped at a traffic light on Tatoi Avenue, in the Metamorfosi district, and did not hear a shot, but only the sound of breaking windows. As the victims told the authorities, at first they were confused and did not understand what had happened. Then, getting out of the car and examining the scene, they found that the bullet had “pierced” the passenger compartment.

The police immediately went to the scene. Law enforcement officers searched the area, but did not find any bullets or cartridge cases and could not establish what exactly happened. Probably, as reported on the MEGA channel, it was either someone who fired (or unloaded a weapon), or someone thought they were policemen and shot them on purpose. According to the same information, a routine ballistics check carried out at the scene indicated that the bullet had been fired from the rear left at a slight angle. An investigation is underway.

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