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It zapurzhilo, snowed over, flooded: snowfalls in Europe, flooding in Turkey

European countries are covered with snow, in some of them air and auto communications are disrupted. Winter is taking over.

AT Great Britain air traffic was disrupted due to snowfalls. Flights have been canceled at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. There is fog in London, the roads are already covered with a thick cover of snow, but it continues. In addition, a cold wind blows.

AT Poland traffic was disrupted, the risk of avalanches was high – the Brigida atmospheric front took the country, as they say, by surprise. Throughout the country snowfalls, snowstorms and a sharp strong wind. The situation is especially difficult in the east of the country. Difficult situation in the Tatras. Three people died over the weekend due to avalanches – two on the Slovak side, one on the Polish side.

The first snow, which is rare at this time, fell and France – in the central and western regions. Some European governments are warning the public about possible power outages over the coming months – winter weather is a serious stress test for energy infrastructure.

Strong blizzards came in Estonia. On Monday morning, more than 10,000 households were left without electricity due to snowfall, wind and freezing rain. Road traffic is difficult. Flights are canceled at airports.

But Bosnia and Croatia suffer from rain-induced floods. The authorities do not rule out the possibility of evacuation if the precipitation does not stop. A man has died in a landslide in Bosnia.

Went under water and Turkish Antalya, two areas of the province were under water due to heavy rains. Precipitation began on December 11th. In both areas, the first floors of residential buildings were completely flooded, parked cars were carried away by water flows. In the Kumludzha region, after heavy rains, the Gavur stream overflowed its banks. Flooded streets and avenues. According to the mayor, farmers suffered huge damage: hundreds of greenhouses were damaged. The authorities noted that they had not seen anything like it there for 50 years.

However, according to the popular ECMWF forecasting system, the seasonal average for the entire winter shows below-normal snowfall across much of the Eurasian continent. Some small areas in Central Europe indicate normal or above average rainfall.

For a more accurate result, forecasters also use the UKMO long-range forecasting system, which was created by the UK Met Office. According to her, the seasonal average for Europe in the winter of 2022/23 also shows a weak level of snowfall. Much of the continent is expected to see less snow than usual, with the exception of northern Europe.

In December, the snowfall forecast shows strong negative anomalies – that is, those that differ significantly from the climatic norm. The weather will be under the influence of high pressure, so the forecast does not allow for a lot of snowfall and snow accumulation. This will be especially evident in Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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