March 31, 2023

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Eva Kylie’s lawyer: "Her position is that she is innocent"

The reaction of the Greek MEP Eva Kaili to the scandal and his arrest was described by her lawyer Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, who also spoke about the progress of the investigation.

The revelations have taken on an avalanche-like character, real panic reigns in Brussels and Strasbourg, and the current guarded Eva Kylie pleads not guilty of what she is accused of. She claims she has nothing to do with the funding from Qatar and the charges against her. This is what her lawyer, Mr. Dimitrakopoulos, says:

“Her position is that she is innocent. This has nothing to do with funding from Qatar. I have no idea if any money was found, or how much was found. All I can tell you, because I talked to her sister, is that there is no crib for a small child where the hidden money was found. I directly deny this to you because her sister, Mrs. Magdalena Kaili, told me.”

Renowned lawyer, writes, mentioned Kylie’s father: the Belgian authorities do not impose any conditions and restrictions on him, and he can return to Greece if he wants, however, “when a father sees his child in such a difficult situation, his place is next to him.”

Yesterday, the Eurogroup of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament decided to remove Eva Kaili from office in accordance with article 21 of the parliamentary rules, which sets out the conditions for the removal of high-ranking members of parliament. Members of the Eurogroup said that any MP whose aides are under investigation should “resign from any position of responsibility and refrain from any activity in the European Parliament.” There was also a call for an urgent plenary debate this week on “Gulf corruption” and a parliamentary inquiry into foreign interference.

Journalist Tasos Telloglu, citing his sources in the Belgian police service and the European Anti-Corruption Anti-Fraud Service, claims that Eva Kaili was allegedly persecuted by the authorities and was under surveillance for at least a year and a half. And Belgian Le Soir journalist Louis Kolar says: “I think this is just the beginning.” The sister of MEP Maddalena Kylie made a statement about what is happening:

“I cannot believe that the accusations and intentions attributed to my sister are true, our family is going through an unprecedented and painful situation.”

By order of the head of the Office for Combating Money Laundering, former Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Charalambos Vourliotis, allegations of the whereabouts of Eva Kailis’ father are being investigated, since he is a public official and is required by law to submit appropriate statements of property status. Previously, the Anti-Money Laundering Authority ordered freeze assets Eva Kylie, as well as members of her family and her partner.

In the financial year 2019-2018, Ms. Kylie declared 550,000 euros, of which 340,000 euros came from the sale of a house in Anoixi Attica with a total area of ​​250 sq.m. The house, built in 1986, was bought in 2009 for 294,395 euros (220 thousand from a loan, and the rest from income from previous years). The amount of bank deposits is about 210,000 euros. The bulk, 189,130 ​​euros, is on deposit with a Belgian bank. 5 properties are registered in the real estate sector. In 4 of them – 100% ownership, in one – 25%.

In Belgium, she owns an apartment of 53 sq m, which was bought in 2015 for 175,000 euros (loan 140,000 and income of previous years 35,000). In the financial year 2020 – 2019, the MEP declares an income of about 219,000 euros, and deposits amount to approximately 405,000 euros, of which 335,680 are in a Belgian bank. During this period, she buys an apartment in Psychiko, 4th floor, 169 sq.m. with basement 40 sq.m. Year of construction 2017. Pays a total of 270,000 euros for the purchase (objective contractual value of the acquisition 670 thousand euros).

In the tax return for 2021 – 2020, Eva Kylie shows an income of 164,000 euros. Deposits reach 461,846 euros, and the property does not change.

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