September 30, 2023

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Showdown on the roads

Unthinkable scenes of inappropriate aggressive behavior of two vehicle drivers unfolded before the eyes of passers-by in Ampelokipi.

A video was posted on the Internet, the footage of which depicts a fight between car owners who “did not share the road.” We see how two aggressive men grappled at the traffic lights of Fidippidou Street, in the direction of Alexandras and Kifisias Avenue. The fight took place right in front of the astonished passers-by and other traffic participants.

An eyewitness to a quarrel between men posted a video of violent scenes on Twitter. They show a man in a black jacket desperately trying to pull the driver out of a white car and punching him in the face. At the same time, the drivers, shocked by what had happened, honked to calm the furious driver, but to no avail. He, being in a rage, did not see anything around. The driver of the white car then gets out and the fight continues, with the two falling to the pavement while continuing to bludgeon each other. As a result, a citizen separated them, risking “receiving a portion” of aggression from two inadequate citizens. Fortunately, everything worked out.

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