March 24, 2023

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Only for gourmets: the most delicious pizza in Athens

There are many pizzerias, but well-prepared pizza, from which “drooling” is not so easy to find. After going through specialized catering establishments, we tried to compile a list of those that require close attention and are most likely (assuming you are an ardent fan of pizza) to your liking.

Have you ever asked your partner or friends to go get pizza and they refused? Not?! Yes, because the population of our country loves pizza very much, maybe even more than the Italians, who “invented” it. Pizza is a cult, as is spaghetti. Chefs in our country have learned how to make it no worse, if not better, than their neighbors, having mastered the nuances of cooking dishes “for every taste.” That’s why we honor her the way she deserves. And we choose not pizzerias or restaurants, but choosing your favorite pizzas.

Lucida: Three Ingredients and Great Taste

Simply put, this is a very good modern pizzeria in Cholargos. This is the place where once you visit, you want to come again and again. Italian elastic dough, with beautiful tan on the crust – the result of a well-cooked sourdough. It is difficult to single out one thing among the existing range of pizzas. Of course, the basic Margherita (Margherita) deserves attention. And in Concentrata there is added mozzarella cheese Fior di latte with a rich taste, basil pesto sauce and the thinnest slices of the incredible Retzana cheese (Ρετζάνα) from Metsovo. It is a cheese of limited production and a rare taste, made from high-quality Metsovita cow’s milk. A rare variety of product is prepared only at the Tositsa cheese factory and aged for 30 months. For those who understand what we are talking about, Parmesan cheese is nothing compared to the delicious taste of Ρετζάνα.

Address: Κεραμεικού 2, Χολαργός, Τ/210-65.64.035

La Bella Napoli: no doubt you will love broccoli

When Chef Marco Zenaboni opened his little pizzeria in Neo Cosmos, the whole city was talking about it, and for good reason, because he uses excellent quality flour (wheat and whole grains), as well as excellent products – mozzarella from Caserta, buffalo cheese from Salerno , tomatoes from San Marzano. At the same time, the sourdough dough is well seasoned. Everything on the menu twelve pizzas and two salads. There are several small tables in the room to eat hot pizza right on the spot. in pizza Salsiccia e Friarielli there is fresh mozzarella, provolone, cervelat and Neapolitan broccoli, and believe me, it’s all very tasty together. The pizza takes minutes to prepare, so even though they have a delivery service, Marco encourages customers to eat it inside so they don’t lose any of the flavor.

Address: Ρουμπέση 64, Νέος Κόσμος, Τ/211-11.50.602

At Jayad for a fig pizza with four cheeses

The pizzeria, beloved by residents and guests of the Kukuki district (located under the Acropolis), turns three this year. The establishment opened on the corner across from Bel Ray (Μπελ Ρέυ) and immediately became a hangout spot for regulars. In winter and summer, you can taste pizza at tables set right on the sidewalk and watch how virtuosos prepare another culinary masterpiece. The menu has ten pizza options that are very different from each other. In addition to the classics, Margherita and Pepperoni, “Four Cheeses” with fig jam, sour cream, mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan and metzovone deserve attention.

Address: Γεωργάκη Ολυμπίου 21, Κουκάκι, orders also via wolt and efood.

Nonna Eda, simplicity at the zenith of taste

Very thin dough, hollow crispy rim, good ingredients. The Italian “Nonna Eda” drives the inhabitants of the districts of Kesariani, Vironas and Pagrati crazy. The most special is Stracchino. It gets its name from a fresh white Italian cream cheese with a slight milky flavor. Arugula, cherry tomatoes and melted mozzarella are also put on the pizza, which makes it even juicier. If you love simple, lean white pizza, this is a godsend for you.

Address: Εθνικής Αντιστάσεως 62, Καισαριανή, Τ/210-72.40.024


We go to “Khatiri” (Χατίρι) for pizza with asparagus grilled on coals

At Hatiri Bistro, the menu is very special, and the taste of the products is unusual. Everything from entrecote and French onion soup to Napolitana pizza and traditional stew is served here. All of this can be eaten in a space reminiscent of a 1960s urban Athens home. Here you can taste Neapolitan pizza with gorgonzola, grilled asparagus, parmesan and sour cream. This is, in our opinion, one of the most delicious pizzas in Athens.

Address: Ριζάρη 28, Παγκράτι, Τ/ 210-72.32.333

To be continued…

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