September 27, 2023

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First cargo drones arrive in Greece

Golden Cargo, in partnership with Dronamics, the first airline in the world to be licensed to transport cargo via drones in Europe, will now carry cargo via drones within one day in Greece and Cyprus.

Dronamics recently announced that Golden Cargo has been appointed General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA) for Greece and Cyprus. The statement notes that the partnership aims to strengthen Dronamics’ presence in two markets where businesses and communities will be able to take advantage of same-day delivery thanks to a growing network of unmanned ports.

Golden Cargo has decades of experience in transportation and logistics, making it the ideal GSSA partner for us. We look forward to developing together and fully exploiting the potential of the Greek and Cypriot markets,” said Svilen Rangelov, co-founder and CEO of Dronamics.

Dronamics offers something that is essential for mission-critical tasks and is currently not widely available in Greece and Cyprus: same-day delivery. We are excited to partner with Dronamics to prepare for expansion and bring this unique service to more customers,” said Kostis Achladitis, CEO of Golden Cargo.

Dronamics, as mentioned, is the world’s first cargo drone company. The flagship Black Swan drone is capable of transporting 350 kg (770 pounds) up to 2,500 km (1,550 miles) 80% faster, 50% cheaper and with 60% lower emissions than alternative modes of transport, including air. Dronamics is also the first licensed drone carrier in Europe and IATA’s first strategic drone transport partner worldwide.

Since October 2022, Greece has already begun using drones to transport small cargo. We are talking about the transportation of medicines between the small islands of the Aegean Sea. On October 20, Minister of Health Thanos Plevris took part in a demonstration of the transportation of pharmaceutical and medical materials using drones – to meet the needs of residents of the small islands of the Aegean Sea, who saw firsthand the achievements of Nova’s cooperation with the Greek startup UCANDRONE. In a social media post, the Minister of Health noted the following:

“An excellent demonstration of #drone transportation of #pharmaceutical and #medical supplies to meet the needs of the small Cyclades was organized by Nova in collaboration with Greek #startup UCANDRONE in Skinus. We congratulate Nova CEO Panagiotis Georgiopoulos and Ucandrone CEO Dimitris Stefanakis on this hugely important initiative that allows residents of the regions to access healthcare without feeling left out. At the same time, we opened a multipurpose regional clinic in Chinussa and witnessed a digital connection with the Attica Hospital in Athens through a telemedicine network. The Regional Clinic was built with a donation from the Martinos family, whom I thank for their overall contribution to the National Health System.”

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